Printed Spaces

Screen Print

October 2018

Underway Studio

Limited Edition Screen Prints

‘Printed Spaces’ is Underway Studio’s most recent portfolio of work launched in a solo exhibition at Studio 73, Brixton. This body of limited edition screen prints examines the architecture of London’s cultural spaces. From galleries to music venues, many of these structures have been repurposed over the years becoming part of the fabric that makes up our city. In recent times some of these spaces have come under threat from property developers and new laws. Within this portfolio Underway Studio aim to show the importance of these venues today in adding to London’s cultural diversity and rich history.

Barbican - Underway Studio
Brixton Rec - Underway Studio

As a core member of Underway Studio, I have helped in the designing, printing and curation of this portfolio. All of the pieces in ‘Printed Spaces’ have been developed collaboratively, initially they originate from photographs, sketches, collages and other forms of image making, from there the members of Underway Studio will work up digital designs and pass these between one another numerous times until we reach a point that we feel they are complete. Once at this stage, they are put onto screen and printed as limited edition screen prints.

Tate Boiler House - Underway Studio
Blavatnik Building - Underway Studio
Undercroft Skatepark - Underway Studio
Concrete Hayward - Underway Studio
Undercroft Skatepark - Underway Studio

Both our ‘Undercroft Skatepark’ and ‘Concrete Hayward’ feature mono screen printed sections. Areas of the print are hand painted through a screen to give a unique finish to these prints

Southbank Icons - Underway Studio
National Theatre - Underway Studio
Elephant and Castle - Underway Studio
Brixton Academy - Underway Studio

All of these prints are available to purchase on Underway Studio’s Shop

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